About the photographer

I have been photographing.. everything.. for over ten years.

At events such as weddings, I would say that I tend to take a more photojournalistic approach to shooting the event. I enjoy silently roaming around the scenes and taking spontaneous photos, capturing key moments of the beautiful occasion.

weddings & event photography

I offer packages for half-day (up to 4 hours) and full-day (4+ hours) sessions. All packages include a DVD/CD of all the raw photos taken at your event.

engagement & photo shoots

Engagement packages include 2 to 4 locations. Photo shoots include an optional in-house studio session.

Please contact me for a quote or more information.

About the web .. worker

I've come a long way from neurobiology. Ok, I got no where near doing anything with biology. I guess I'm more of a self-taught web programmer with an eye for some clean design.

I can't decide what I enjoy more: designing for the web, or converting designs into code and making stuff work.

After having designed and programmed for the web in the last ten years, I've found an appreciation for making things efficient. It helps to keep my life (and yours!) simple.

View my resume. (pdf)

Please contact me to discuss your web inquiries.