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2008 | offline
You're lookin' at it! I decided to build a portfolio site for myself to house all the web work I've done in the past, as well as to show a growing gallery of photography work I've been doing. Hopefully I might be able to make some money from this! :D

This site has a little bit of everything.

I kept the design VERY simple, and focused more on getting an easily maintainable backend system up. The Web project listings are being fed from PHP to a JSON array to display the navigation. I built the Flash Photo gallery was built entirely from scratch, with a PHP/mySQL backend that stores a list of all the photos to display. I used Actionscript reads some XML data of the photos to display, and determines how to display the "pages" of the gallery.

And of course I wrote myself an entire Admin section to update all the content on this website.

Skill Focus: PHP & MySQL, Photography, Javascript, HTML/DHTML, Graphic Design, Flash, CSS, Actionscript