outputs of gingervitis

Whoa I just made a blog!


Oh look. I made a blog! I copy/pasted a few things, clicked some buttons, and voila, a fully deployed blog all in half a day's work! 🙀
As someone who wants thinks of themselves as having a good eye and (prehistoric) designs skills, this blog could sure use some touch up. I'll get around to enhancements slowly. I just needed to get this site up because @gabek and @aseemk are holding me accountable to it.

Why another blog on the internet?

Being quarantined at home for a long time, has got me wanting a place where I can dump some honest thoughts about whatever has crossed my mind. I'll likely be exposing myself as an idiot during the process, but I'm ok with that and I'd like to think that I'm not the only one with these thoughts.
I had considered creating a Twitter account, but really I don't have that much to say, and Twitter is like so 10 years ago! I do have a personal FB account, but I haven't logged into that account for weeks, as I just feel so detached from most friends these days. I also have an IG account, but they make you do almost everything on mobile and I'm worse at typing on a phone than I am on desktop. Plus, I also don't always have a photo to filter and share.
So I've settled, once again, on building a site on my own. I've been an appreciator of ReactJS, and very recently learned about this Next.js. I was intrigued by how would make things easy for me by taking care of a ton of the manual development processes I used to do in the past. So I figured I should learn something new and be like all the cool kids!
I can see myself writing some long (hopefully informative) posts, but also using this as like a twitter of sorts and posting an image and silly comment. This framework won't make it easy to do the latter, but perhaps I'll slowly build in functionality that will extend this site to do more than just listing folder of markdown files and displaying each file's contents.