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Faces of Disgust

Today's Inktober prompt is Disgusting.
Inktober 10 - all the disgusted faces

Inktober 10 - all the disgusted faces

Here are some faces of Disgust I've generated.
Quite a few "how to draw"/"drawing practice" videos I've watched all suggest that you should "warm up" your hands and stroking movement by drawing a bunch of circles. So that's what I did. Then filled them in with goofy faces.
I probably should've taken inspiration from system emojis, but I forgot to look. Now these faces are looking either bored or scared.
During my initial minutes of planning what to draw today, I was thinking about how a lot of Trump's mannerisms really disgust me. But I didn't to pollute my blog yet with a picture or even a doodle of him, so I ended up drawing warm up cirlces while thinking about what else to do.
All of these accidentally left-leaning faces either all saw or heard or ate something digusting. Or maybe they are disgusting. Good nuff. Critera satisfied for the day.