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A Dune of Sorts

Today's Inktober prompt is Dune.
I'm assuming this was a prompt this year because of the highly anticipated Dune movie that's not coming out at the end of the year.
I don't have any strong feelngs about the movie coming out, since I don't know the story very well, so I thought I would try to draw something not -movie related.
Like sand and desert.
I imagined National Geographic -esque videos of deserts, with wind-blown waves across the hills and crests over a never-ending landscape sand.
Then I tried to imagine what that'd look like in an angular, less-organic, less-flowy way. Why? Why not? I'm at the bottom of the barrel in terms of creativity.
So here's what I have. An abstract, stiff, version of sand dunes. (It's still slightly "organic" with hand-drawn shadows, which I think just makes it look messy. I should've used straight lines.)
Inktober 12 - Dune

Inktober 12 - Dune