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Lazy Rocket

Today's Inktober prompt is Rocket.
Ok this was a really lazy drawing.
I had realized that I was on Notion all day and hadn't touched a single line of code all day for work! After I had decided that work was over at 845pm, I no longer felt like doing anything at a table or desk. Which prevents me from hooking up the drawing tablet and its awkward cables to be able to draw from couch or bed. So I went tablet-free tonight.
In my efforts to actually try not to draw an actual rocket, I was inspired by some goofy conversation with friends the night before, and drew the butt of a rocket, as seen from below, as it takes off. I probably have it all wrong. I just imagine a ton of smoke and flames above.
The butt(hole) of a rocket taking off?

The butt(hole) of a rocket taking off?