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#Inktober Day 2 - Wisp

Oct 2 - Wisp

Today's prompt is Wisp.
I immediately thought of the Wisp the NPC I dislike the most from Animal Crossing. He's supposed to be this cute little ghost who randomly comes around the island.
He's always a bit on-edge. If you talk to him he will freak the F out, and lose his "spirits" who fly away. Then your task will be to go find them and give them back to him in return for a random gift of questionable value.
What annoys me is that he could be directly looking at you when you initiate conversation, and he'll still freak out!

Wisp freaks the f* out

So anyway, here's my Wisp. Cute, yet not really.
Inktober 2 - Wisp

Inktober 2 - Wisp

I had thought about embellishing this more creatively, instead of making a copy of Wisp. But it's Friday, and I have other things I need to do! (like figure out an RSS feed for this blog.)
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