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#Inktober Day 3 - Bulky

Today's Inktober prompt is Bulky.
Continuing the Animal Crossing trend I have going, I give you Kevin, a resident of my island who's been with us since Day 1. I believe he's of pig species. And he's a total jock. Everytime you initiate conversation with him, he always responds with something about working out, or accentuating his muscles. In the early days of playing the game, when we realized we could gift our villagers random things, we gave him this pimp-lookin leopard print jacket. He struts around town with this coat at least several times a week! ..despite us having gifted him numerous other athletic garb through the months. He loves keeps wearing this one. It's not very jock-ish, but Hey, these computer creatures like what they like and appreciate our gifts!
So here's Kevin, how he thinks he looks whenever he checks himself out in the mirror.
Inktober 3 - Bulky

Inktober 3 - Bulky

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