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#Inktober Day 4 - Radio

Today's Inktober prompt is Radio.
My Animal Crossing island has actually collected over 20 different types of radio items, but I did not think to draw any of them today.
But I did wonder why so many were available in such a modern game, and figured it must be because they're still cool. They have street cred. Street cred, like those real cool dudes in hoodies with a big puffy high-quality-looking hifi headphones over it, listening to some cool hip hop or something with like real cred, yo. (How can they even hear the music well over their hoodies?!) Anyway, those homies look like real cool dudes.
Well radios are cool too. And instead of carrying them on your shoulders like they did back in the 80s, why not use two of them as headphones? Have the speaker face outside; you can't hear them from inside your hoodie anyway.
Inktober 4 - Radio sketch

Inktober 4 - Radio sketch

Now that I'm looking at this sketch again, wow, those little radios are SO not to scale! Look how thin it is, oh look at that tiny tape deck!