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#Inktober Day 6 - Rodent

Today's Inktober prompt is Rodent.
I looked up and confirmed that Groundhogs are considered rodents. (Not even sure why I had to look that up, since they look like a typical rodent, coming out of holes in the ground.) So I made it the subject of today's drawing.
Looking at the past few outputs I've been making, I maybe have a style, but I'm still really not sure what my drawing interest is. So far things have been looking like:
  • I have a tendency to use bold solid colors
  • I have a tendency to BS some shading to try make things look not-flat
  • I'm still kind of reliant on some Photoshop layer effects
  • I need to draw from reference. But that's ok.
  • If I'm not using Paths, then my lines are pretty messy.
  • I'm having too much ..fun.. with trying the different types of brushes that Photoshop presents, and not really settlng on anything. I need to focus on using one and getting better at it.
  • I see a lot of things I do as problems, when maybe I don't really need to and I should just have fun. Who says I need a style?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I could be goal-less forever!
Anyway, I decided to take the approach of just a "pen/pencil" sketch and not try and get to fancy with colors or BS shading.
Things I've been learning about groundhog shapes just based on looking at photos of them:
  • They have a squarish muzzle, not round
  • They have 2 big long buck teeth
  • They have small eyes and ears
  • They're all pretty chubby
  • You never see their base, like their feet, because they're always standing around in tall grass.
While randomly sketching groundhogs, I started having these observations, then tried to focus on sketching those things that stood out.
I gradually tried to evolve the sketch into something more exaggerated or comical, such as by making the teeth really big.. I started trying those first then working up from there.. teeth->muzzle->eyes->body. I tried to get more comfortable with that sequence, tried to go a bit faster, pushed my self a bit to exaggerate it even more (still not enough!)..
Eventually the groundhog started evolving into a marine animal. Like a mix of an otter or a walrus.
Here's a messy random compilation of the fun I had with it tonight.
Inktober 6 - Rodent

Inktober 6 - Rodent

Overall I feel like I'm at a creativity low these days. I can't tell if it's laziness, or tiredness, or too much other-work occupying my head right now. Sorry for the low-quality outputs lately.