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Some News and an Inktober Quickie

I'm going to be an Engineering "Team Lead" for Web! And I'll have some reports!
This is all a first! I'm actually quite anxious!
All the self-doubt and impostor issues are kicking in at high speed.
As a people-lead, I just want to be helpful to my reports. But what if my report is better than I am and doesn't need my help? Well I'll have to try and lift them up to the next level they can achieve (whatever that means).
As a web-team lead, I need to know about and actually practice the best-practice of Frontend Web development these days. I know there are several important areas that I'm still weak in (which I was planning to get into more in another post later). That makes me nervous. I gotta do some studying and more reasearch and maybe takea few classes so I can not only talk the talk, but walk it too and lead by example.
Oh btw, I did try to do a quick #Inktober for Throw. It made me think of ultimate, and how we actually use a ton of muscles from our back whenever we throw. I can tell because after having not thrown for 2+ weeks, and then going out and having a nice throwing session, all sorts of muscles in my shoulder and back get sore! It must be a great workout, and I always feel good doing it! I also love anatomy images, and actually enjoy looking at physiques particularly of backs and shoulders. 😎
Inktober 8 - Throw

Inktober 8 - Throw