outputs of gingervitis

Maximize output while I can

The pandemic has greatly limited the variety of things I can do in life. The majority of the last many months have been spent WFH and being mostly by myself.
I no longer have other variables that may differ everyday, my life has become a bit more routine. With that change in pace, I've realized I really need to capitalize on the energy I may have at any time, as my energy and mental capacity and focus shift every week.
The "energy" could be physical. Occasionally I really could go out for a run! And can totally keep up with running 4+ miles! (Most of the time I can barely concentrate on running 2 miles without stopping.)
The energy can be mental. It could be sparked by me finally getting out of a rut, or by me finally solving a problem. Now those brain cycles are free to have me work on .. work, and other obligations.
If I don't do anything with my energy at that time when I'm feeling good, it would be wasted, and things I want to get done would make no progress.
If I happen to still feel awake and energetic at 12/1am, and I know I need to get X done, I'll stay up until it's done. If I'm already tired, there's no use fighting to stay awake to work on it because the quality of work will be poor.
Similarly if I'm awake but I really don't feel like doing X, forcing myself to do X will also achieve poor results, so I might as well do something else. Use that time to sleep or something, stop wasting energy to fight it.
I don't have a lot of opportunities to get X done. So when the stars end my energy are finally aligned, I will try maximize the opportunity and make as much progress as I can on X. I'll sacrifice some sleep and be ok with it.
These past couple of days, the energy has been directed towards refactoring this blog and putting some content in it since the last entry happened last month when I stopped drawing 😔. So let me get a bunch of stuff off my mind and into long-winded writing form, then maybe I'll have the energy to go back to code. or drawing.