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I got a new toy!

I got a drawing tablet!
Why?! Not sure.
Honestly I'm not sure what I'll do with it. But it's something I've been thinking I should try out to learn and practice drawing.
After weeks of doing some research and reading reviews, I finally settled on getting the XP-Pen 13.3 Pro. I had only known about Wacoms in the past and knew that they were generally on the pricy side. When I perused Amazon, I found that there were a ton of what seemed like new Chinese brands flooding the market for drawing tablets, and they were incredibly cheap. I read up on and watched tons of reviews on these brands, compared them to Wacom, and concluded that this one would be the best bang for my buck.
  • I wanted to try one with a screen
  • I wanted a relatively small one, that could be portable if needed



During my research I also learned about this game, I mean phenomenon, called osu!. I came across tons of reviews for tablets so people could improve their osu! game skills! osu! is like Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, but for your fingers, on a mobile or tablet device. You tap and swipe on shapes to the beat of music. I'm assuming this game came out of Asia, because all the instances of these games are very anime-centric.
Here's an example of osu! gameplay: